Meg Allsopp

Meg Allsopp

Head Trainer

Meg Started her career as a nurse within the Royal Air Force in 1972. On leaving the RAF Meg became a District Nurse until 1982 when she joined the Ambulance service.

In 1998 her interest in teaching saw her become qualified to teach other ambulance staff. This interest continues to this day where for the past several years Meg has been responsible for the training of community first responders in the South Devon area.

A community first responder is a member of the community who is willing to dedicate their own time, to be trained to provide emergency aid to patients, while an ambulance is on route.

Meg has so far been in the ambulance service for 31 years and although now part time, she stills enjoys the sense of fulfilment she receives by helping others.

Meg is now training members of the public, school workers and other industry employees in first aid courses and moving and handling, fire safety and health and safety.




Previous occupation Leading Seaman ( missile ) Royal Navy.

Thirty years experience in the Ambulance service, six of which were on the Air Ambulance.

IHCD clinical tutor during his Ambulance service 23 years a tutor training up to and including paramedic level and was course director on numerous courses within the service.

Course director for emergency care at sea.

Assisted in developing the Plymouth University Student Paramedic courses.

Delivered Child protection / vulnerable Adult training to Ambulance and non Ambulance staff and was one of the Ambulance services lead on Child Protection.