First Aid Training Newton Abbot

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First Aid Training Newton Abbot
You don’t have to be an expert to be the first point of care when an injury or illness happens. By simply obtaining a first aid certification, you can make a world of a difference to someone in need. One never knows when a situation may arise in which these learned abilities may be useful, but having these set of skills is certainly an investment in the health and well being of all the people who surround you at any point in time.

In many occupations, this type of training is legally required. If you are in constant contact with children for example, chances are that obtaining this qualification is a requirement you must comply with. Another similar circumstance may be if your occupation involves working with or being around heavy machinery. This automatically increases the possibilities of accidents happening, and should they occur it is preferred that you are prepared to help the injured while paramedics arrive.

There are still a large number of casualties that could have been assisted by applying first aid knowledge. By training your staff you are not only giving them a set of skills to apply while at work, but a very useful skill they will be able to apply in any situation in their lives.

First Aid Training in Newton Abbot is now available for groups to take part in. Our coaching teams are experienced and well prepared to deliver these courses effectively. We are likely to have a course that meets your requirements, putting special emphasis on the type of situations most likely to happen.

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