First Aid Training Kingsteignton
M&K First Aid Training is based in Kingsteignton but will and has provided courses in other areas of the country. M&K First Aid Training offers complete coaching in first aid methods for the general public and commercial sectors.

It is very important for anyone and everyone to receive this type of preparation, because we can never tell when it will be useful. One thing is for certain however, your training can be a literal life saver should a situation arise.

Over 70% of parents wouldn’t know where to start should their children suddenly need basic medical attention. This is a worrisome statistical figure, since accidents can happen to anyone at any time. It is only logical then, that one should be prepared to administer basic procedures and make the person involved in the happening comfortable while paramedics arrive. With these teachings under your belt you can potentially save someone’s life. The purpose of providing first aid is to accomplish three achievable goals: preserving life, prevent further harm, and promote the recovery of the person in need.

From treating small surface injuries, burns or scalds, to helping choking victims, and administering CPR, we can train you to remain calm and put your knowledge to good use.

Our coaching team is experienced in delivering valuable knowledge to small groups, whilst paying close attention to each individual’s learning ensuring procedures are carried out proficiently and with confidence.

Another important matter to address is the importance of maintaining a complete first aid kit on hand at all times. Part of its maintenance is ensuring each item used is replaced as soon as possible. The kit should be located in a well known accessible area.

If you are interested in first aid coaching from our company, you can get in touch with us by calling 07964388001 / 07964384906 or by sending us a message detailing your needs to You can count on us to prepare you and your staff to successfully deliver first aid should the need arise.